Zoom: Starting a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

Enable Zoom in Your Canvas Course


You must have accounts for both Canvas and Zoom.

For help with Zoom, view these quick reference videos at https://learn-zoom.us/show-me, once on the page click Zoom Meetings.

Zoom LTI is hidden from Canvas's course navigation. You will find it at the bottom of the list, where you can unhide it and make it available for your students. View this Canvas help guide: Manage Course Navigation Links in Canvas.  Be sure to click Save.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting from Within Canvas

  • You should see tabs across the page allowing for quick access of each.
    • Upcoming Meetings
    • Previous Meetings
    • Personal Meeting Room
    • Cloud recordings
  • A list of all scheduled meeting will display by default, you can Start or Delete them.
  • In the upper right corner, you can quickly schedule a meeting. NOTE: This will only show for Teachers and TAs in a Canvas course.

Zoom Canvas Schedule a Meeting

Schedule Zoom Meeting Options

Fill out the meeting details as normal, scroll the page and Save. Same experience as the Zoom app.

Zoom Canvas Schedule Meeting Options

View Scheduled Zoom Meetings

Click on Upcoming Meetings tab to view a list of your meetings.

Zoom Canvas View Upcoming Meetings

Explore Canvas Help Zoom FAQ find frequently asked questions about using Zoom in Canvas.
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