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SVSU offers print management services to current students and employees. This article contains information on where and how to print on campus, as well as policies and procedures on your printing account.



SVSU offers print management services to current students and employees, you can charge to your student account or by Department. Print management allows you to monitor your usage of print services and manage your print balance it provides secure access to print jobs throughout our campus and even print from your device using Web Print

NOTE: All PDF handouts can be found in the Attachments section of this page.

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Beginning of Semester Balance for Enrolled Students

Enrolled students will automatically get their personal print account balance set at the beginning of the semester (see allocations below).

  • Employees do not have personal print accounts; printing is automatically charged against department accounts.
  • Printed or copied pages are charged against accounts; the costs for black & white and colored pages are:
    • b&w: 5 ¢
    • color: 30 ¢

Print Allocation Chart

Students only have a print balance. Employees will charge to department accounts, view documentation charging to other accounts.

Logging into your Print Account

There are a couple of ways that you can manage your print account, you can log in using a web browser from any computer or manage your print account right from your computer.

Logging into your Print Account from a Web Browser

To view and manage your print account and services, you will need to log in to your print account with your SVSU username and password.

  1. Using a web browser visit
  2. Type in your SVSU username and password
  3. Click Log in.


VPrint Login Graphic

Print Account Dashboard in a web browser

Once logged into your account in a web browser, a Summary of your printing activity is shown by default. The left menu has links to various functions to manage your print account such as:

  • Transaction History
  • Recent Print Jobs
  • Jobs Pending Release
  • Change Details: Allows you to update your PIN number, if you forget it you can change it.
  • Web Print
  • Purchase Additional Pages Online
  • How to use the Kyocera MFP
  • Print Management Policy
  • PaperCut User Manual
Forget your PIN number? Click Change Details to update your PIN number; it is needed on printers with card readers.

Print Management: Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Where are the Open Lab printing locations?

Open access printers are available in the following locations:

  • Zahnow Library
  • Cardinal Commons 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors
  • Curtiss 227A
  • OTT Mezzanine


Send Print Job to Virtual Queues to Specific Locations on Campus?

Find-Me Printing allows you to send documents to a specified print queue. You can release your print jobs at various locations on campus or send them to a virtual print location.

  • SVSU Faculty Kyocera 5002 B&W
  • SVSU Faculty Kyocera 406 Color
  • SVSU Campus Kyocera MFP (includes Web Print Release)
Instructions: Find-Me Printing

What is Web Print Release for students?

Web Print Release is intended for personal devices for students, it is a virtual print queue they can submit their files to then, release the document at any one of the SVSU Campus Kyocera MFP locations. 

How do submit a print job?

You can upload a document from any lab, personal computer, and your smart device; start by logging into your print account at 

  1. Click Web Print
  2. Click Submit a job
Instructions: View our Web Print Quick Reference guide, found in the Attachments section.

Where are the Web Print Release Locations?

There are various locations throughout SVSU's campus that allow you to print without having to install drivers. 

Instructions: Web Print Release Locations

How will I know when I need to buy more pages?

You will be emailed when your print balance drops below $1.00. You can also log into at any time to check your balance.

My document won't print, but I have money in my print balance.

All technical printer issues aside, if you print a document and the cost of the pages exceeds the amount of print balance you have remaining, your job will not print. Check your print balance and buy more pages.

I have a huge print job and more than enough money in my print balance and my stuff won't print.

It may be the total number of pages of your print job. Does your total job exceed 100 total pages? Break up large print jobs into smaller ones of less than 100 pages each.

Can I get a refund of my print balance?

No, print balances cannot be refunded. After your semester allotment is depleted, buy just enough for what you need. See SVSU's printing policies linked from for more information.

I went to release my web print job and it's not there, but it was earlier.

Documents placed in a print queue will be held there for 24 hours. Please release your documents in a timely fashion. Documents not released within 24 hours will automatically be purged. You will be sent a warning email 5 minutes before it will be purged.

I printed some pages in error, or of poor quality. Can I get a refund?

Yes. You can bring the erroneous or poor quality pages to the IT Support Center in Zahnow library, 1st floor. A person in that office will decide if the pages should be refunded or not, and if so, will reimburse your print balance.

What is an XPS document?

An XPS document is similar to a PDF, and for those who don't have an option to print to PDF, or those not printing an Office document (e.g. Visual Studio code), it allows you to use the campus web printing.

How do I make an XPS document and print it?

Similar to making a PDF, an XPS is created by "printing" to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Installed by default on Windows 7 and 8 computers, with the document open, choose to print to the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer," and save the XPS file in a place that you can easily find, like the Desktop. Then upload that document to the website,, for web printing.

How do I add more pages to my personal account?

Pages can be purchased at Campus Financial Services in Wickes, at the Zahnow Library main desk, or online any time with a credit or debit card. Here's how to purchase additional pages online.

  1. Click Purchase Additional Pages Online.
  2. View your current balance to determine how many additional pages you will need. Remember, each black and white page is 5¢, and each color page costs 30¢.
  3. Choose an amount to add from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Add Value. You will be taken to CASHnet where you can make your purchase.

Where are the student print release printers located?

View this guide with for web print release locations.


FAQs: Campus Printing for Employees


Can I login into my Print Account on my Computer? 

Yes, on your Windows computer, you can access your print balance or log in to your print account.

  • Look for the upward-pointing symbol ˄ (bottom-left) of your screen then click to open it.
  • You will see a green Papercut icon, hover over it, and double-click it, a small pop-up window will open revealing your current print balance, click Details to be login directly to your print account.

If you right-click, you have a menu of options to choose from:

  • Open: Displays your current print balance in a small window.
  • Details: Takes you to your Print Account Summary Dashboard. You may be prompted to authenticate your account.
  • Exit: Closes the menu ---- Does not close the menu it provides an error message.
Instructions: Manage or View Your Print Account on your Computer


How do I Print or Copy on Behalf of Others?

Before you can print or copy on behalf of another user, you will need the individual to provide their PaperCut ID and PIN number.

Instructions: Print or Copy on Behalf of Others


How do I Request an Individual Office Printer?

There are costs involved and a process to follow to order an individual office printer. The features and costs for MPS printers are:

MPS Features and Printer Costs

  • MPS Consolidated/Centralized Kyocera Multifunction Device (MFD) – preferred choice.
    • Prints in color or black only.
  • MPS Black & White Kyocera Laser Individual Office Printer
    • Upfront cost: $360
    • Must have an available network port in the office.
    • If there is not one, there is an additional cost between
    • $250 -$300 for installation

What is the Process to order an Individual Office Printer?

Submit a Purchase Requisition with the appropriate account numbers and signatures and send the request to ITS at

Instructions: On Campus Printing for Employees

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