PaperCut MF Instructions


PaperCut MF is the vendor solution that provides a comprehensive print management for SVSU. It provides the mechanism to track usage and accounting for how Multi-Function Printers (MFP) are used, which includes printing, copying, scanning, and in some cases fax. The bulk of the document will outline how PaperCut is to be configured for the SVSU environment.


For a general overview of PaperCut MF see this article. Below are instructions and topics that should help with any questions you have. 



Manage your Print Account

This section shows you how to access your print balance and monitor your print usage. 

Note: If you have questions about PaperCutMF, contact the Support Center by email at,by phone at 989-964-4225 or x4225, or stop by Zahnow Library, first floor.

Manage Your Print Account from Your Desktop

  1. In the notification area in the Windows Taskbar (bottom-right corner next to the date/time) Click the show hidden icons.
  2. You will notice a Papercut icon. When you hover or double-click the icon, a small pop-up window opens on the desktop revealing your current print balance.
  3. If you right click the Papercut icon a context menu opens with additional options. See figure to the right. When you click “Open” you will see your balance in the same window as the double click action. When you click “Details…” you will be taken to the Papercut login screen.                                                                                          
  4. Your username is filled in for you because your account is authenticated when you log into your computer. Next, enter your SVSU password and click “Log in”
  5. You should now be logged into your Print Account Summary Dashboard. 

Print Summary Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can find more information about your print history, see pending print jobs, change your pin number, purchase additional pages, review policies and instructions, and see its environmental impact.

Note: You can update your PIN number by clicking "Change Details" which is used for devices that will have secure print enabled – mainly printers with installed card readers. 


Using the Kyocera MFP

This section covers how to access print account information, how to print, authenticate a printer, release print jobs, use the copier, and how to scan to your email. 

Note: You can also watch PaperCut MF for Kyocera Multifunction Printer video available from  YouTube. Access it from UpOnTech for students and the main ITS page for employees.
Where to Print
Open access printers are available on the Library 1st and 2nd floors as well as C227a, and the OTT Mezzanine.

How to Print

  1. Learn more about SVSU's Print Management and Web Printing Policy or visit click Search (top-right) in the Search box type in vprint and then press Enter or return. Click the top result to download the pdf.
  2. Check your print activity and view other web print services or purchase additional pages online at you will need to login with your SVSU username and password.   
Before Logging into the Printer
If the screen is black or you don't see a menu, Tap Energy Saver button to wake up the printer.
How to Log into a Printer
You can login to a printer three different ways (i.e. SVSU ID card, Username and Password, or ID number).

This is the Welcome Screen: 

How to Authenticate a Printer

Your SVSU ID card is linked to your user account. If you forget your card at home, no worries you can still login with your Username and Password or ID number (student or employee ID). Once authenticated, you should see the main dashboard. Authentication helps create a secure print environment and restricts unauthorized access to the copier. 

  1. Card Reader
    • Locate the card reader; swipe your SVSU ID card. If swiped successfully you will hear two beeps. 
    • Enter a pin number (see below). Follow the on-screen directions and tap Next. You will need establish a pin number the first time you use a printer. The pin number you create is only tied to your print management account. If you forget your pin number, you can reset it by visiting
  2. Username and Password: For username and password authentication tap the Username and Password button, enter your SVSU username and Password using the on-screen keyboard.
    • Tap, Username and enter your SVSU username this is not your full SVSU email address then press OK
    • Tap, Password and enter your password then press OK
    • You are taken back to the login screen. Tap, Log in. 
  3. ID number: For ID number authentication tap the ID Number button, enter your ID number using the on-screen keyboard.
    • Enter your SVSU ID number (refer to your SVSU ID card) tap OK then tap Log in.  
    • If you don't have your card, you can find your ID number a couple different ways.
      • Students: mySVSU > Self Service > Students > My Academic Profile
      • Employees: Login to mySVSU > Current Payroll Advice This is the Main Dashboard.


Main Dashboard

From this screen, you can access print release, copier functions and scan to email.

Printer Functions & Features 
  1. Print Release: You will see a list of held jobs. Here you can choose to release them individually or all at once. Tap, Print release 
  2. Device functions: To use the copier tap Device functions. You will be taken to the copy interface. 
    1. The copier functions offered are Paper Selection, Zoom, Density, Duplex mode, (1-sided or 2-sided), Combine, and Quiet Mode. Choose the appropriate activity for your document, if any.  
    2. PaperCutMF will track all printing and copying and be charged to your account, (B&W .05¢, Color .30¢)
    3. We recommend when you have multiple pages to use Duplex mode to conserve paper.
    4. Copier Function Interface: 
  3. Scan: Send a document to yourself. Tap, Scan to My Email.
    • Scan to My Email – Main Screen a. Default (fixed) settings for Sender and Recipient are based your SVSU email address.  On this screen, you can change your Subject title and the file name.
    • The copier default setting is Color PDF, 1-sided, Letter Portrait, 300 DPI. To change the default settings, tap Settings.  
    • Within the Scan to My Email settings window, you can change the default settings for your document(s) to fit your needs.
    • Scan to My Email – Scanning Preferences: 
      • Duplex mode, (1-sided or 2-sided)
      • Orientation (Portrait or Landscape) Paper size (Letter or Legal)
      • File type (PDF, JPEG, or TIFF)
      • DPI (200, 300, 400, 600)
      • Color mode (Color, Grayscale, or B&W).  
    • When you've chosen, your preferences tap Start.  
    • Next, tap Scan more or tap Send.
    • The document is sent to your SVSU email with the title and file name you entered in Step 3a. 
    • Login to your email and download the attachment.


Don't Forget to Log Out

When you are finished, it is very important that you press the Authentication/Log out button on the printer console. This prevents others from charging to your print account.


Charging to Other Accounts

If you are an account manager or an employee who needs to charge prints/copies to multiple accounts, please review the important Printing/Copying information below.

Requesting Permission to Charge Outside of Your Department Account

Note: If employees need to charge prints or copies to an account outside of their standard department account, they need to be granted permission by the associated account manager. The account manager is responsible for requesting that permission be granted or revoked. Requests must be submitted by the manager of the account number indicated before it can be processed by IT Services.


  1. Login at
  2. Select the “Staff and Faculty Forms” menu on the upper left part of the screen
  3. Choose “PaperCut Shared Accounts
  4. Enter the account number and the list of employee usernames to Grant or Revoke permission e) Click “Save
Charge Outside of Your Department Account
Note: When charging to more than one account number, the situations listed below require permission to be granted by the account manager.


  • Permission for an employee to charge printing/copying to accounts that are not standard department printing accounts, such as those used for grants, special projects, groups, RSOs, etc. 
  • Permission for Temporary & Pool staff to charge printing/copying to an account. 
  • Permission for Adjunct Faculty to charge printing/copying to more than their main department account. 
  • Permission for Students to charge printing/copying to a departmental account. 
  • Permission for Student employees to charge printing/copying to a specific/department account.
Note: If a printer/copier is used exclusively by one department, all printing and copying can be setup to charge to that department’s account number. Send your request to ITS by visiting If an employee asks an individual to perform copy work on their behalf, the employee can share their PaperCut ID and PIN with that individual.




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