Junk/Quarantine - How to prevent an email from going into quarantine or junk email folder.


To prevent an email from going into Quarantine or Junk email.


  1. Open Outlook email within a web browser
  2. Click on the Gear icon at the top right.

  3. Select View All Outlook settings

  4. Select Mail from the left panel

  5. Select Junk email

  6. Scroll to the Safe senders and domains category.
  7. Select + Add .  Type an email address (i.e., notifications@instructure.com for Canvas emails)

  8. Click Save

This is the first step in preventing emails from going into quarantine or junk folders.  Please allow one month for the emails to show up in your email messages.  If the issues persists, please contact the IT Support Center, to investigate the matter further.



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Frequently asked questions specifically regarding Outlook Desktop Version.
There are a variety of reasons that a message sent to you may not end up in your inbox.  The most common reasons are:

Focused Inbox
Junk Email and Allow/Block Sender Lists
Microsoft Outlook is the campus-wide email system for all SVSU students, employees, and alumni.  The server implements a spam-content filter that places known spam messages into quarantine holding.

CAUTION: Execute extreme caution when viewing these messages. They have been held in quarantine for a reason. Many times because these messages are associated with SPAM or Phishing activity. Do not click links or open attachments contained within the messages.