How to Change Your Chosen Name



If you want to use a name, other than your legal name, you can change it in Self-Service. 

Chosen name will appear in: email, Canvas, the online directory, and Self-Service.

For students, chosen name is also on class rosters and Colleague screens used by employees. AIM, Handshake, Maxient and TeamDynamix.

Chosen name can be put on the diploma and ID card by request.

Policy / Procedure

Saginaw Valley State University is a diverse and inclusive campus community recognizing that some or many of its members would prefer to use a chosen first name other than their legal name. We are pleased to provide this option.

Chosen name is used for students or employees who would like to be referred to by something other than their legal name. Chosen name will be displayed whenever the legal name is not required. Individuals must enter a first, middle and last name when modifying their chosen name.

A Chosen Name must not contain offensive or obscene words and cannot be used for the purposes of fraud and/or misrepresentation. Applications with these violations will be denied by the Office of the Registrar and, in the case of a student, will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct, and in the case of an employee, to the Office of Human Resources and/or the employee’s supervisor.

Chosen names can be added/changed through

Self-Service --> User Options --> User Profile --> Edit Personal Identity



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