Adobe Acrobat: Get Started with the New Experience


Acrobat has a new look and feel in its functionality that makes working with pdfs simpler and intuitive.


Overview - New Acrobat Experience

Adobe Acrobat is part of Adobe Enterprise licensing for staff which includes a full suite of applications for graphic design, video editing, web development. You can install Acrobat Pro, from within the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app. View article: Adobe Creative Cloud - Apps Installation Guide

NOTE: As a reminder, we do not have Document Cloud licensing which uses Adobe Sign. If you need to electronically sign a document, and track signatures, we recommend to request access to Dynamic Forms.

Revised Interface and Menus

In the new interface, all Tools now appear on the left side of the screen. The old File menu is now a standard horizontal menu, you can create a PDF from any format from the Create taband there is a new floating toolbar. Get to know the new Acrobat workspace -

Acrobat new experience - updated interface

File menu to Hamburger menu

On Windows, all options that used to be tabs are now available in the hamburger menu like File, Edit, and View menus. Note: MacOS users continue to remain as separate tabs. There are notable differences in keyboard actions and functions as noted in this Adobe help article Acrobat in macOS.



Acrobat new experience - hamburger menu - Windows

Acrobat - macOS menus

All Tools Tab

Access all tools from a single tab inside of Acrobat. If you don't see the tool you need, click the View More link to expand the list.

Acrobat - new experience - All tools


Top Bar

 Access PDF related tools on the left side, and on the right you'll find other actions for a PDF (search, save, print, and share).

Acrobat - new experience - top bar 

Top bar - Search for tools or text

Clicking the search icon provides the ability to search for editing tools and text within a PDF.

Acrobat - new experience - find text or tools - click the search icon in the top bar on the left of the screen.

Right panel

Provides tools on the top and bottom, both can be customized simply right click anywhere to bring up the options. 

  • Top includes comments, bookmark, and pages allowing you to add, delete, or go to a specific bookmark or page).
  • Bottom includes view number of pages, go to a specific page, go to previous or next page, rotate a document, view or select a another document layout, and zoom in or out on a document.

Quick Action Toolbar - (floating widget)

Access a floating toolbar for commenting, annotating, and more. The toolbar can be customized to your specific needs.

Acrobat - new experience - floating toolbar

Document pane

When you open a PDF it is displayed in the center pane at optimal zoom. The pop up menus available will depend on the content type, saving you time from having to search for a editing tool.

Acrobat - new experience - center pane - contextual menu based on content type.

Acrobat New Experience Resources

A list of the most common how to's are below. Please reach out to IT Support Center if you need assistance with Acrobat at 989.964.4225, or visit us in the Zahnow Library, 1st floor.

Document Protection inside Adobe Acrobat

There are a few different ways you can protect your file within Acrobat. You can Password Protect your PDF which is the the method SVSU ITS recommends. Alternatively, if you prefer you can use Microsoft Purview to classify your file with labels, ensuring data protection across Microsoft 365 and Adobe Acrobat. Explore the steps on document protection at SVSU




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