How to Decide if a Colleague Report Should be Stored in Perceptive Content/ImageNow


How to Decide if a Colleague Report Should be Stored in Perceptive Content/ImageNow

Instead of printing on paper, Colleague reports can be printed into Perceptive Content.  Each report identified for possible transfer to Perceptive Content should be evaluated using the following:

1) Can the report be reproduced on Colleague at any time and is it infrequently accessed?

If yes, consider not printing it and not putting it into Perceptive Content, instead re-run the report as needed and view it on the screen in Colleague.

2) Does the report need to be frequently accessed?

Having the report on a shared drive or in Perceptive Content may be best, unless the report can
be reproduced in Colleague as needed and those individuals that need access can be granted
such to view the report on screen.  

3) Should the report be saved to a network drive rather than in Perceptive Content?

Some Colleague reports can be saved to the _HOLD_ area and downloaded as a text file.  Others can be downloaded in Excel format.  If the report includes special totaling, those totals may not be transferable to Excel.

Network Drive/OneDrive Storage Considerations:

-Searches can be performed within the reports

-Changes, accidentally or otherwise, can be made to the information in the reports unless access is tightened down to read-only after the report is moved to the shared drive.  Even then, the owner of the folder could potentially change the report and so could system administrators.

-Printing the reports may not reproduce the original format.

Perceptive Content Storage Considerations:

-Cannot search the contents of Perceptive Content documents (additionally high-priced module required).

-Changes to information in the document is not allowed.  Only annotations and document deletion are allowed.

-Documents print in the original format.

5) Is it not possible to reproduce the report in Colleague and it needs to be saved for audit purposes in a non-modifiable format?

Having the report in Perceptive Content is probably the best solution.






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