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All media must have a transcript if being reused, per SVSU accessibility compliance. 

Important Note: Accessibility Compliance at SVSU

Echo360's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) makes it easy to ensure the videos being reused are more accommodating to students. ASR creates a transcript from the audio in the video. Students can read along while watching the video, or search the transcript and be taken to the exact location they want to review. The transcript supports screen readers, and closed captioning can be enabled. The instructor is responsible for reviewing and editing the transcript to ensure it meets ADA Compliance for all users. 

SVSU requires videos to be transcribed if you are using them in a future semester. Once your videos have transcripts it will remain with the video regardless of where it is published and the video will always be in your library unless you delete it. 

Note: Transcripts can be requested at any time, as needed.

Requesting a Transcript to be Generated 

Request a transcript for one, or more of your videos by submitting your request to IT.

Click “Create Ticket” to the right of the page to make your request.

Note: Requests will be processed as soon as possible and once completed, takes just a few hours to process depending on the number of videos being transcribed and the length of the videos.

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