File Management


Best practices for selecting a file storage location and file naming conventions.


Available file storage locations at SVSU include OneDrive for Business, J Drive, M Drive, C Drive and Office 365 Teams and Groups.  View the related Knowledge Articles to determine which file storage location best fits your office workflow.

In addition to choosing the appropriate location to save a file, it is just as important to define and follow a file naming convention.  File naming conventions are a way of organizing files so they can be identified by their title or by how they are grouped with other files that might contain similar information.  Naming files, according to an agreed convention, allows colleagues to more easily distinguish between similar records for file retrieval and is a system for predictable file names in the future.  View the related article for 12 Rules to use when defining a file naming convention for your department or office.



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The purpose of this Knowledge Article is to help SVSU employees stay organized by providing a common set of rules to apply when naming files. The conventions are primarily intended for use during the creation of word-processed documents, spreadsheets, presentations or other data files to be stored in a file storage location. Similar conventions should be applied to folders within a directory structure.
All SVSU employees and students have access to their own personal M Drive where they can store files and host web pages. The M Drive may be accessed on campus when logged into a computer, or from off-campus using V-Drive.