Apple Mac OS Updates


Information about installing Apple Mac OS updates.


Apple Mac OS Updates - Things to Know

Apple Mac OS updates are important to install when they appear.  As the end-user of the device, you have to determine when it's most convenient to perform them and that at some point - they can no longer be ignored and must be installed.  There are nuances in the process (or frequently asked questions) that this article will help address.

When an Update is Ready 

When an update for your system has been released, you will receive a notification prompt in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.

Updates Available

Things to Note BEFORE Clicking Install

  • It is important to point out that once you've clicked the Update button to proceed, your Mac will begin the download process and eventually install the update.  Time will vary with the type of update (version/release, or critical security updates).  Many updates will require a reboot.
  • It might be best to time the update to be performed after work hours (Might choose Later to delay it). 
    • If you choose Later, make sure your system is plugged into power and turned on.

New Restart Notification Pop-Up

ITS is managing Apple systems with Jamf Pro.  This new system provides a new notification/pop-up that might not be familiar to users.  Rather than automatically restarting upon completion of an update, users are presented with a notification that their system will restart in 4 hours (recently changed from the previous 5 minute notice). 

Do NOT Click OK, if you're not ready for the update!

Restart Notification

  • By clicking OK, the countdown for the update begins and it will literally restart based on the time indicated in the pop-up (should be 4 hours)
  • Users can temporarily drag the notice off to the side and out of the way, without clicking OK.
  • Users can finish the updates sooner, by Logging Out of the system.
  • It is imperative to keep the system updated.  Please do not keep delaying the updates, as it will eventually lead to other issues (some of which may be untimely).



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