Unable to Access Off-Campus Internet on Mac


This troubleshooting guide addresses those situations where Mac computers cannot access the internet from off-campus


Troubleshooting Off-Campus Internet Access Issues for Macs

A.  Verify Profile Installation

     1.  System Preferences should have a Profile icon.  If not, send it to Desktop & Printers

B.  Verify with user that there isn't a Keychain error

     1.  If there is, check article on resetting Keychain Default

C. Check network settings in System Preferences>Network

     1.  User has to authenticate to 802.1x for off-campus internet access

     2.  Ethernet address is 10.25.x.x = No internet

     3.  If 802.1x prompt doesn't show, click Disconnect next to the 802.1x and click Connect to force prompt

     4.  Ethernet should disconnect and reconnect if correct credentials are applied

     5.  IP will change, which will depend on the user's role on campus

     6.  Wireless can be enabled and can coincide with Ethernet

     7.  Should be on "SVSU-Gaming-Media" to allow for AD authentication

D.  Information needed by Networking if problem can't be resolved by Support Center

     1. Physical/Ethernet Address

     2.  Username 

     3.  Location of Computer



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