Canvas Conferences

The Conferences tool allows you to conduct real-time lectures and meetings.  You can share audio, video, presentations, and your screen, all within Canvas.  Below find resources for Instructors and Students.

Instructor/Moderator Resources:

Creating and Starting a Conference:

Create a conference

Start a conference

Running a Conference:

Video:  Moderator/Presenter Overview - This video covers all the basics of running a conference

Record a conference

Breakout Rooms Overview - video

Conference Statistics:

Watch the video on this page to learn how to access and use the Conference Statistics page:  Conference Statistics

Additional Instructor Resources:

Canvas Conference Guide pages

How many webcams can be shared at one time? All users will see all other user's webcams. Example: If you have 100+ people sharing webcams in a session, the usability of the session will be degraded. If you are running a large conference, we encourage you to Lock the viewer's ability to see other viewer's webcams as shown in the image below.

Student/Participant Resources:

Conference Basics

Video:  Student Overview

Attending a Canvas Conference

Support Handbook 


Additional Student Resources

Canvas Conferences Student Guide pages

How do I view Conferences in the Student app on my Android device?

How do I view Conferences as a student on my iOS device?

Minimum user requirements



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