Canvas Conferences

The Conferences tool allows you to conduct real-time lectures and meetings.  You can share audio, video, presentations, and your screen, all within Canvas.

Instructor/Moderator Resources:

How do I create a conference in a course?

How do I start a conference?

How do I use the Conferences interface as a moderator or presenter?

Video:  Moderator/Presenter Overview

How do I record a conference?

How do I conclude a conference?

How do I access Conferences on a mobile device?  Conferences will run on mobile devices by using the default mobile browser (Chrome for Android devices, Safari for iPad and iPhones).  Conferences are not available on the Canvas Teacher app.

How many webcams can be shared at one time? All users will see all other users webcams. Example: If you have 100+ people sharing webcams in a session, the usability of the session will be degraded. We encourage you to Lock viewer's ability to see other viewers webcams as shown in the image below.

Student/Participant Resources:

How do I join a conference?

How do I use Conferences in a course as a student?

Video:  Student Overview

How do I view Conferences in the Student app on my Android device?

How do I view Conferences as a student on my iOS device?


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