Excel Accessibility Checklist


  • Do begin content/tables in cell A1
  • Do begin all subsequent tables in Column A with a single blank line between each table
  • Do use descriptive text to explain formulas
  • Do create a region on the first worksheet called “Information” or “Instructions”
  • Do type “End of worksheet” below the last row of data on each sheet
  • Do name each tab with a unique name


  • Do include alt text
  • Do define header rows and columns
  • Do “Repeat as header row at the top of each page”
  • Don’t use merge cells
  • Do notate formula cells that affect cells in other sheets


  • Do include alt text
  • Do set wrapping style to “In line with text”
  • Don’t use background images or watermarks

Objects (SmartArt, shapes, charts, tables)

  • Do include alt text
  • Do set wrapping style to “In line with text”
  • Don’t use text boxes or WordArt
  • Don’t use background images or watermarks



  • Do use contrasting colors
  • Don’t use color-blind color combinations (red/green is most common)
  • Do use other means of conveying information in addition to color (bold, italics)


  • Do use 12 point or larger
  • Don’t use all caps


  • Do describe the purpose of the target link in the hyperlink title (not “click here” or “more”)
  • Do provide full link URL
  • Do add ScreenTips


More Information

For more information go to this Microsoft page with the latest accessibility updates and information. 


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