PaperCut WebCashier (Library Student Employees)

The Library staff and their student employees provide a PaperCut Web Cashier service to students and library patrons to add money to their print balance and release print jobs for patrons.  This article will explain what is needed to manage and remove permissions or access.

PaperCut leverages AD groups to help manage permissions to different resources.  For the most part, PaperCut is already configured and all that is needed is managing permissions via AD group membership.  The role in PaperCut to add deposits to user balances is called Web Cashier. 

AD Groups for PaperCut

  • Papercut Student Web Cashiers  -- use this group for Library student employees
  • Papercut Web Cashiers - Library  -- use this group for Library full-time employees
  • Papercut Web Cashiers - CFSC   -- at one point, students could go to Campus Financial Services for these transactions, but that was stopped some time ago.
  • Papercut Operations Access      --  this is the group used by Enterprise Applications staff to run routines to allocate semester balances to students
  • Papercut Web Cashiers -- original group that was expanded into individual dept groups above (keep for future, in case it's needed)

Granting or Modifying Permissions

The Library staff will create tickets to request users to be granted access to Papercut Student Web Cashiers.  This is done via ADUC.  Once you add new users, provide the entire list of users back to the requester so that they can review and identify those who may need to be removed.

  • Open ADUC
  • Go to -- Groups -- Access -- PaperCut
    • Find the proper group, add/remove the members


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