Using Flip in Canvas (formerly Flipgrid)


Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a video discussion and video sharing app, free from Microsoft. Flip has video upload and you can record your screen in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You can ask a question through video or a voice recording, then students can respond either by video/audio recording, or type their comments. It is inclusive and accessible on any device.

Available for: Instructors and students

Getting Started with Flip

Flipgrid needs to be integrated at the course level for each course an instructor wants to use it in. Flipgrid does not support admin or account-level setup. Additionally, existing Groups and Topics cannot be integrated. Instead, teachers need to set up their own integrations and it will create a new Group & Topics for each course.

Flip needs to set up in your Canvas course by the instructor (no need for ITS help), it cannot be set up with any other user role in Canvas.

Using Flip in Canvas FAQs

If you have a question about using Flip within Canvas. View the resources below:


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