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Echo360 new logoComing Q1 2023 to Echo360Video: Updated video player with engagement tools, navigate to the content easier with video chapters (optional), new admin content notifications with more coming in Q2 for instructors, and more. 


Echo360 provides various ways you can check for student understanding or gather feedback whether you are teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or online classes. Keep up-to-date with the latest enhancements, new features coming soon, and fixes.

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Active Learning Tools Foster Student Learning

In each classroom, within your Echo360 course, you can create an inclusive learning environment, it's up to you what you want to utilize in your teaching. Echo360's Active Learning Platform allows instructors to access student analytics and engage learners, while also reinforcing a student's understanding of the material being shared.  

Echo360 Classroom Student to Instructor

Major Enhancements

Have you recorded a lecture using Browser Capture its a quick and easy way to record videos on any computer, you just need an Internet connection and a supported browser. Simply click the blue Create button while logged into Echo360.
  • Echo360 Browser Capture: Easily record in your browser, while online, works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Netbook.
  • Embed videos in Canvas: does not use an Echo360 course (recommended for Modules). Instructors embed media from the easy embed button, inside of a Canvas.
  • Instructor How-to Videos: Watch a compilation of short videos, view best practices, and use cases on how other universities are teaching with Echo360. 
  • Collections: Share media with others and set member permissions, outside of an Echo360 course.
  • Consolidated Analytics: See a combination of all video views and poll responses for embedded or course media.
  • Teams and OneDriveAccess Echo360 in Teams or set up automatic uploading of your Teams recordings.

Echo360 Released Features

Check out the latest releases from Echo360, new deployments and enhancements are moving to quarterly releases for all products in 2023. The release cycles will be as follows on Wed/Thu on the following dates:

  • 2023, Mar. 29 – 30
  • 2023, Jun. 28 – 29
  • 2023, Sept. 27 – 28
  • 2023, Dec. 20 – 21

All cycles will include customer UAT (User Acceptance Testing). NOTE: Click the collapsible panels below to open and close the content. 

2022 Q3-Q4 updates

December 2022 - Video chaptering is now in beta testing
November 2022 - Browser Capture update
October 2022 - Browser Capture and Collections update
September 2022 - Browser Capture brand new from Echo360, and create media right in your browser.

Want to know what else was released to Echo360? View the archived releases

Features Coming Soon

Coming Q1 2023 to Echo360Video: Updated video player with engagement tools, navigate to the content easier with video chapters, real-time content alert notifications, and more. 

Need Help?

Visit for helpful instructor resources, tips, and best practices, or request help with Echo360, click the button below.


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