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No matter how you are accessing a published video in Canvas a transcript and closed captions can be turned on within the Echo360 (EchoVideo) player. When a user is viewing a video with a transcript, they can play the video and read along with the transcript, search a transcript, or turn on closed captions. When Closed Captions are applied to a video it allows the user the ability to change various options on how they want to view the caption banner such as the text size, contrast of the text color and background, location of the text (e.g., top, middle, bottom), and alignment.

**Important Note: If the transcript is missing or the CC button is greyed out (not clickable) check with your instructor.

Echo360 (EchoVideo) Course: Accessing Closed Captions

On the Classes list page, open your Class. In the bottom-right of the Classroom Player, click the Closed Captions (CC) icon.

The Closed Caption button is the third from the right on the bottom tool bar.

If Closed Captions are not enabled on the video, the CC button will not be clickable. It will display the following message box, “Captions are currently unavailable for your content” as shown below in the sample image.

Echo360 Classroom Players Captions are not available

Echo360 (EchoVideo) Course: Turning on Closed Captions

Once you have clicked the "CC" button, you have different options for choosing how you want to view your caption banner.

The sample image below has the Font size is at 30, the Contrast is set to white and black, the Location is at the bottom of the video, and the alignment of the banner is centered.

The 5 options for Closed Captions from top to bottom are enable or disable closed captions, font size settings, contrast settings, text location, and text alignment

  1. CC toggle: Switch closed captions on and off when clicked.
  2. Font size: Type in a number or use the preset font sizes. To change manually enter a number in the box, up to 100 px or choose from the preset sizes the smaller “A” (16 px) and larger “A” (20 px).
  3. Contrast: Provides different contrast options, it changes the brightness and background of the words, accommodating those who are visually impaired.
  4. Location: Changes where the text appears on the video player (top, middle, or bottom). 
  5. Alignment: Choose the alignment of the text in the caption banner, (right, center, or left).

Embedded Videos in Canvas: Turning on Closed Captions

In Canvas, your instructor may embed videos within a Page, Discussion, or Assignment, normally they are accessed from a Module, or can be accessed from Canvas’s navigation menu.

If you need to turn on Closed Captions you need to click the CC button (bottom-right), it can be toggled on and off to show/hide the caption options for the video. Choose the gear (cogwheel icon) to open the options for the caption banner, options available:

  • Location: Top or Bottom
  • Font size: Small, Medium Large.
  • Contrast: Dark Mode or Light Mode.

**Alternatively, you can view the embedded video in Full screen button, click the square on the overlay or click the Expand button (bottom-right, directly under the gear icon) to view in a new tab, see the player controls within the embedded player.

Echo360 embedded player how to show/hide closed captions

Helpful tips on Viewing Media with a Transcript

View more information about Viewing Media Transcripts in Echo360 (EchoVideo)

  • The transcript can be turned on the video you are watching. **Note: If you don't see a transcript button, the video doesn't have a transcript. It may be processing check with your instructor.
  • Video and transcript text are automatically synced when playing, pausing, or skipping forward or back in the video.
  • The text is highlighted yellow in the transcript and automatically syncs to the location in the video while video is played.
  • Search a transcript by keyword, if a match is found the count is identified with previous/next arrow buttons, and are underlined in the transcript.
  • If there is a need students can turn on CC (instructions are above). **Note: Instructors must enable closed captions on the video.
  • Video player is supported by a screen reader.


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