Stream Classic: Making Videos ADA Compliant

Important Note: Microsoft Stream Classic is retiring and being replaced by Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint).

SVSU ITS will migrate Steam Classic videos from the last two years to Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint). 
Videos that have been embedded on pages, or links to videos shared to Canvas, mySVSU, etc. will continue to work until February 15, 2025. However, you should update the links now to avoid disruptions later. Content created within other O365 apps (Teams, OneDrive, Yammer) are all accessible and stored in the new Stream on SharePoint.  Alternatively, did you know that all media that you own or that has been shared with you can be accessed at


When creating or uploading videos to Microsoft Stream (MS Stream) Classic you can turn on “autogenerate captions,” it is machine-generated so it may not be error-free. With keeping Universal Design in mind, it is recommended to edit your transcript for accuracy, especially if you are reusing it.

Editing your Transcript in MS Stream

Transcripts in MS Stream Classic can be searched so content is easily found, to ensure accuracy of the transcription it should be reviewed, and errors corrected. Use the transcript editor in MS Stream Classic (retires May 15, 2023). 

 The MS Stream app has been updated with more features, and has been renamed to MS Stream (on SharePoint). Click the gear icon (upper-right) then Video Settings > Transcripts and captions click to generate a New Transcript or Upload one. Once processed you will be able to edit your transcript for accuracy. Explore more about Stream (on SharePoint).

Applying Closed Captions in MS Stream Classic

Captions can be enabled and viewed on the video player in MS Stream Classic.

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