Echo360: Change the Quality of Video Playback Quality


You can change the playback quality of your recording in a course class to a higher or lower quality for viewing. The sample steps in this article show how-to change the playback quality when experiencing a poor Internet connection. All users (instructors, teaching assistants, and students) enrolled in a Echo360 course can change the playback quality when streaming a class recording. Be sure to check out the helpful articles in the blue call out box below.

Helpful Articles using the Echo360 Classroom Player

Change the quality of the recording for viewing

  1. Open your class with the recording. You can click anywhere on the class as shown in the sample image. Your cursor turns into a hand.

    Echo360 open a course class
  2. In the bottom-right of the Classroom Player, click setting button, resembles a gear (cog wheel) icon.

    Echo360 Classroom Player Quality

  3. Click Quality, select auto (the default).

    Echo360 Classroom Player Change the Quality from Auto to 480p
  4. Click 480p, the selection saves automatically.
  5. Click the gear icon again to close the menu.

This will change the visual playback it may be a bit grainy while watching.


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