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This article contains a list of all the previous updates, fixes, and releases to Echo360. To stay current please register for the Echo360 What's New workshop, this is offered each quarter.

August 2021

August 25, 2021:

  • Self-Paced Getting Started Tutorial for Instructors. You can find videos, clickable (interactive) walkthroughs, and more. The upper-left menu will provide links to other helpful articles and topics. 

August 10, 2021:

  • Improvements to ASR Transcription. Echo360 has a new service provider for Automatic Speech Recognition with better transcription accuracy. Always keep in mind the accuracy of your automatic transcript will depend on many factors, the accent of the speaker, the terminology within the discipline and some abbreviations, the background noise of the recording, and the volume of your voice. Recording on your computer? We recommend reviewing this article - 5 Tips Before You Record.

July 2021

  • July 14, 2021:
    • Polling Response Data: The Polling tab now has a visual static overlay of all responses and correct responses for student participation for videos with polls.
    • Embedded Player: The new media size 320x240 now has the expand button (open square with arrow) appear in the title bar when hovered over. This will open the video in a new tab where you can participate in a discussion (if desired) and access the controls for the Analytics below the video.
  • July 28, 2021: TBA

June 2021

  • June 16, 2021 (4 weeks after previous)
    • Embedded Player: There is a new size option 320x240 when embedding a video using the Echo360 embed button.
    • Consolidated downloads: This means that all video, audio, and the transcript will be available for downloading, you choose what you want to download.
    • Poll responses with Summary: When selecting media that has polls, there now is a summary of "All" polls in a table matrix; you can view the percentage of correct and incorrect responses, along with whether the student has seen the poll and more.
  • June 30, 2021
    • In an Echo360 course/section: 
      • Q&A tab: The “New” question tag on the Q&A tab now shows the correct count of unread questions, for All Questions in the section or as filtered for each class as appropriate.
      • The browser Safari is now supported when inside of an Echo360 virtual class and provides real-time updates for responses to polling slides and Q&A discussion panel.
    • Polling Responses: Short answer polls will display an error message when a student responds with more than 60k characters.
    • Media Editor:  Resolved an issue where the media thumbnails in the media editor would sometimes not align with the video.

May 2021

  • Tooltips: Users will now see tooltips when hovering over the recording options (stop, pause/resume, and cancel) in Universal Capture.
  • Embedded Player: The player is now responsive to your screen size when viewing an embedded Echo360 video in a new tab up to 320 pixels in width. Heatmap is can be toggled on and off by viewers through the gear icon in the player.
  • Transcript panel: There is now a close button when a transcript panel is open.
  • First-time instructor: Users in Echo360 are now presented with a new step-through guide when logged into the LMS, Canvas, it has been designed to help get them oriented with the Echo360 platform.
  • Improved synchronization between the media streams when viewing through the old version of the media player.

April 2021

  • Video Quality: Universal Capture now lets you select the quality of your recording from the Capture Details page. 
  • Pausing a video no longer stops and publishes when paused for more than 20 minutes, it can be paused indefinitely. This applies to all capture methods.
  • The Polling Page (Echo360) library and Echo360 course will display a timestamp of the current time zone setting of the data being displayed.
  • Media Details Page (Echo360 Library) when downloading data from the Analytics tab the file (.csv) date will appear in the file name when downloaded.
  • Groups and the Media Editor now have the same look as the embedded player, the functionality of how both tools work has not changed.

March 2021

  • Interactive media (videos with polls): The Polling tab for interactive media now provides summary information about student responses, just like Multiple Choice polls do. Ordered List, Image Polls, and Numerical Polls on both the Media Details page and in an Echo360 course/section. 
  • Universal Capture Personal software: All UC interfaces will display a Live or On Demand badge on the Universal Capture preview screen to show users the type of capture that will be created when the Record button is clicked. The publishing location displays in the title area (the published location will be retained unless you change it).

February 2021

Embedded Player: This player is seen when embedding Echo360 media in a Canvas content window, and when viewing interactive media (video with embedded polls) in your Echo360 course within a published class. Learn more about viewing videos in the new Embedded Player.



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