Teams Meetings: Sharing a link to a Meeting Recording

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the attendee was not invited to the meeting they would not have access to view the recording. You would need to give them permissions to view your video inside of OneDrive.  Anyone invited to the meeting can view the recording, they do not have to have attended.

Teams meeting recordings store in OneDrive, older meeting recordings can be found in MS Stream prior to 7/26/2021. You can easily share the link to the recording from your Teams meeting chat to an a desired location such as an Announcement or Module content type.

Get the Recording Link

  1. Open the Teams app
  2. Find the Teams meeting chat
  3. You will see Meeting thumbnail, click the 3 dots  to the right of a recording’s name to access a menu..
  4. Click "Get link"
  5. The Get link window opens and provides you the specific website address you will need to share the meeting recording.
  6. Click "Copy"
  7. Paste the link to the desire location in Canvas.

     Get a link for a Teams Meeting Recording

Share Teams Recordings to Non-Participants

To share the recording with anyone at SVSU, even if they were not invited to the meeting:

  • Find the recording in
    • OneDrive -> Recordings OR
    • Teams Desktop Version -> Chat
  • Click the filename to open the video
  • Click Share at top left
  • Change the sharing link from anyone with the link to be anyone at SVSU
  • Choose Apply
  • Choose Copy 
  • Choose Copy again
  • Paste the link into announcements, an email, discussion post, etc.

Change Recording Expiration Date

To change the expiration date of a recording (note that recordings take up space on your OneDrive):

  • Find the recording in
    • OneDrive -> Recordings OR
    • Teams Desktop Version -> Chat
  • Click the filename to open the video
  • Click the i symbol at the top right
  • From within the Expiration category, click the calendar icon
  • Choose to extend the expiration date by a set time or select a specific date, or choose to never expire
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