OneDrive: Removing a User from a Shared File


You can share your files and folders in your OneDrive so that others can view and edit the documents. At any time, you can remove any user(s) from a file that you shared with them. Once you’ve removed a user from a shared document, the person will no longer have editing or viewing permissions of that document.

Removing a User Access from a Shared File or Folder

  1. If you are not logged into your OneDrive, log in using your SVSU login credentials, and authenticate your account when prompted.
  2. In OneDrive, scroll to the file or folder you want to remove the shared user(s) from
  3. To the right of the that selected file, click Shared (See Figure 1)

Figure 1

  1. A list of users who have access to the file or folder will appear and show who can edit and who can view. (See Figure 2)
    1. a pencil icon means “Can Edit”
    2. a pencil with a line through it means “Can View”

Figure 2

OneDrive Shared File and Users its Shared With


  1. To the right of the name of the user, select the drop-down arrow of the individual that you want to remove access from a shared file or folder.
  2. Click [Stop Sharing]. (See Figure 3) The User will be removed once you select that option.

Figure 3

OneDrive Stop Sharing File


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