SVSU Guest Accounts for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)


The purpose of this article is to outline the purpose and policy/procedure for the creation and use of SVSU Guest Accounts for those individuals involved with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).

Policy / Procedure

Purpose of Guest Accounts

In order to facilitate access to network resources for the number of participants and instructors involved with OLLI, it is recommended to use “Guest” accounts. Guest accounts are temporary by nature, to provide quick and easy access to the wired and wireless network (including internet).

Policy Points

  • Guest accounts for users who only need Internet access for "events", meetings, or seminars occurring on campus.  This includes OLLI course participants.
  • Guest accounts are intended to be for short term use (temporary access). Short term use is defined as anything less than the span of a semester.
  • Employees who create Guest accounts must ensure some form of tracking of the actual individual(s) given access to the account during the specific period of time of its activation.
  • Guest accounts do not have SVSU O365 email or Canvas accounts, or any other network services such as personal OneDrive and/or web space.
  • Differentiating Guest Accounts and Tech Access Account Creation.
    • Individuals classified as “regular” participants, or instructors that are likely to teach frequently over the course of a year and beyond, should seek Special Tech Access Request and be assigned their own individual account/password.
    • OLLI participants in a lab, workshop, or needing temporary internet access should be given a Guest account that’s appropriate for that purpose and period of time.
    • If an instructor is not likely to teach beyond a semester, it is appropriate to assign them to use the course/lab Guest account – or assigned their own Guest account for the appropriate purpose and period of time.

Procedure to Create Guest Accounts

  • The Director of OLLI and Center for Business & Economic Development and Senior Secretary of Center for Business & Economic Development will be given access to the Guest Account Creation routine; allowing the creation of single or multiple Guest accounts and passwords, along with a specific date/time to expire the account(s).
  • It is best to have a one to one Guest account assignment (each instructor is given their own unique account for a specified period of time). Avoid creating a generic account for all instructors to share over a long period of time (months, semester, etc.), as this may become abused and circumvent security considerations.
  • When dealing with larger groups, the procedure will be to create one Guest account that will be shared amongst multiple participants (including the instructor) enrolled in a course that utilizes a computer lab, for a specific period of time. Naming convention may be to use the course name during the Guest Account Creation routine – which provides some level identification for the account’s purpose.



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