MFA - Mobile App Users with New Phone

Should you get a new phone you will need to install and re-activate the Microsoft Authenticator app. Please review your security questions and answers before purchasing a new phone as you will need this information to re-activate the Mobile App.

  1. Type your username and password to log in to . 
  2. If your preferred method was set to Mobile App, since the Mobile App is not yet set up on your new phone, you will need to wait 1 minute to select an alternate way of verifying your login to  Choose to have the system call or text, or select if you prefer to answer security questions.
  3. Verify your log in to using the option you chose above.
  4. On the computer, select the Activate Mobile App menu option.
  5. Click the Deactivate action next to your old phone name.
  6. On your phone, use the App Store or Google Play apps to download Microsoft Authenticator.
  7. On your phone, open the Authenticator app, tap the + symbol to add your account.

  8. Tap Work or School Account.

  9. On the computer, click the Generate Activation Code button. An activation code and QR Code will appear on your computer screen.
  10. Aim the phone camera at the QR code on your screen to scan it.  The activation code will time out after 10 minutes if that time exceeds, you will need to generate another activation code.

  11. On your phone, you will see that your account is listed in the Authenticator app on your smart device.  A six-digit code will regenerate every thirty seconds. This means your account is active.
  12. If prompted, tap Approve to approve the sign in.
  13. On the computer, click the Complete Activation button.

  14. The mobile app is now set up on your new phone.