MFA - Change Method to Phone Call

If you cannot use the preferred app method and will be using a phone number, we suggest using your cell phone number.  You can use your office phone if you know you will be near this phone every time you need to authenticate, but that is highly unlikely.  Also, please consider your cell signal strength when selecting Phone Call as your preferred method.

  1. Log in to .  If you have already set up your preferred method, you will need to authenticate with your previously chosen method.
  2. Click the Change Method menu option

  3. Select Phone Call from the Method drop-down list.  The phone number that was entered while setting up the Text Message method will be used.
  4. Click Save
  5. If you haven't already set up a phone number and PIN, you will need to do that now.
    1. Type your mobile (recommended) phone number.
    2. Type a four-digit PIN to create it.
    3. Type your PIN again to confirm it.
  6. A confirmation “Your method has been changed.”  will appear.
  7. From now on, when trying to access an SVSU service, a message will appear on the computer screen saying, “For security reasons, we require additional information to verify your account.”  You will now receive a phone call.
  8. Enter your PIN, followed by the pound symbol, #, to authenticate. Example, 9306#.
  9. The voice prompt tells you if your sign in has been successfully verified -- end the call.