MFA - Account Setting Options

The landing page for displays the MFA account settings menu.  From here, you can change your preferred method, phone number, PIN, security questions or activate the mobile app, among other functions.


Change Phone

Change your phone number at any time. We encourage you not to use your office phone.

  1. Click Change Phone
  2. Enter the new phone number in the field
  3. Click Save

Change Pin

  1. Click Change Pin
  2. Enter your pin in the New PIN and Confirm PIN fields.
  3. Click Save.

Change Security Questions

Security questions are presented to you one minute after attempting to log in if you have not used your preferred method to authenticate.  At that time, the screen will display 2 of the 4 security questions.

  1. Click Change Security Questions.
  2. Use each of the four drop-down lists to select four security questions.
  3. Type the answers in each of the answer fields.  Answers for security questions are not case sensitive.