MS Stream: Transcribing Audio Files that Have Been Submitted in Canvas

Audio files submitted as assignments in Canvas can be uploaded to Stream for transcription.

  1. In Canvas, open SpeedGrader to view the file, then click the download icon.

  2. Find the file in File Navigator.
  3. Right click the file and select Rename.

  4. Remove the three letters of the filename that make up the file extension and replace them with m4v.  You should end with a filename like “file.m4v” .
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you would like to change the file extension.

  6. Open a browser and go to .
  7. Use the waffle shaped app launcher menu to select All apps, then Stream.

  8. Click Create, then Upload video.

  9. Click browse.

  10. Navigate to the m4v file and select Open.

  11. Type a name for the recording.
  12. Select English as the Video Language.

  13. Scroll down to the Permissions section and remove the check from “Allow everyone in your company to view this video” .
  14. Click Yes to remove companywide access to the video.

  15. Scroll down to the Options section and turn off Comments.
  16. Click Publish.

  17. Click My content, then Videos.

  18. Click the thumbnail of the video.

  19. Click the More menu icon, then Update video details.

  20. In the Options section, click Download file.

  21. A file is downloaded that is file format .vtt .

  22. In a web browser, go to   
  23. Click Choose Files.

  24. Navigate to the .vtt file and choose Open.

  25. Click Copy transcript.
  26. Click OK to acknowledge that the text has been copied.

  27. Open Word and paste the copied transcript into a new document.



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