Echo360 Student Guide Classroom Toolbar

Accessing Class Sessions

Click on the lecture that you need to watch from the list of Classes available (shown in the sample image). A grey media icon means you’ve opened the class, if the icon is green you haven't opened the class or entered the virtual classroom.

An image: Echo360 Access a Class Session

Notes and Bookmarks

You can take notes while watching a recorded lecture. Click the Notes icon to take notes while watching a video and begin typing. You will also see your time-stamped bookmarks. Creating notes and adding bookmarks are saved to your study guide in chronological order.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Notes icon

The numbers to the left of the note (image below) are the slide that the note is synced to. Notes can be edited, deleted, or downloaded.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Notes (Slides, Download)


When asking a question if you would like to reference a specific time of the lecture, toggle on Reference class content.

You can post anonymously so your classmates do not know who asked the question, but your professor will.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Question panel

Discussion and Q&A

The discussion icon opens up a panel with previous discussions that you can respond to. You can bookmark another classmate's post and endorse it via the "thumbs up" icon. You can also ask a new question. Learn more about participating in a class discussion and Q&A.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Player Discussion icon and sample panel


Adding bookmarks allow you to add locations of a video lecture that you want to come back and review. The bookmarks are saved in your Study Guide. If there is a PowerPoint or Polling slide you would be prompted to select Bookmark scene or Bookmark slide.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Bookmark content

Flag Confusing Content

Click on the flag to let the instructor know at what point of the video you were confused. If there is a PowerPoint or Polling slide you would be prompted to select Confusing scene or Confusing slide.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Player Confusion sample


The transcript in the video can be accessed from the document icon (it appears if the instructor has it enabled). You can search the transcript and read along as you watch the video.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Player Transcript icon

Study Guide

Use the Study Guide tab to view all the notes and any bookmarks you created during each class. At the top left, you can select the lecture and your corresponding notes. Clicking on a time-stamp will take you directly to the location of the video.

An image: Echo360 Classes Study Guide

Leaving the Class

To view or exit the class session and enter another class without exiting the video player, click the Class list icon. The list of classes available to view or participate in will display where you can select another class. Choose the X (top-right) to close the class list.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Class List (Exit Class)

Exit the Classroom or Video Player view

To exit the classroom (video player), click on the right top corner and it will take you back to the Classes list page.

An image: Echo360 Classroom Player Exit



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