Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is an online video service available for faculty, staff and students. Log in at and sign in with your university credentials. Stream is part of Microsoft 365 suite, link to it in apps like Teams, and OneNote. With Stream, you can upload, create, share, discover videos and more. Recorded Teams meetings store in Stream. 

Note: Stream is recommended for students to use for biographies, presentations, and other projects.

Stream Basics

  • Viewing Content: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari (latest versions).
  • Sharing videos: You can share with the entire organization or choose to share with specific individuals (only those with an SVSU email address).
  • Private group: Only those in a group can view and share video content.
  • Transcripts: Auto generates a caption file.

Using the screen recorder

  • Recording limit: 15 minutes
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, (most recent versions), and Edge. MacOS Safari is not supported at this time.
  • System audio: Available on Windows only at this time, not MacOS. 
  • Webcam will only record when recording the entire screen, not an application window. 

View more information about supported browsers and limitations 

Stream Limitations

  • External sharing: Not a current feature.
  • Analytics: Limited, Views only

Learn to use Microsoft Stream

There are video tutorials available on the home page within Stream. View more tutorials (see more resources in the left navigation) below:


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