Download Security Guidelines


IT Services has developed these download security guidelines in response to concerns regarding the security of data downloaded from Colleague or other sources.  Use these steps to download and delete downloaded files. 

Download Security Guidelines

  • Store downloaded data on your OneDrive or shared network folder in a folder labeled "Download". The shared network folder or OneDrive folder location is a securer location than storing data on your local hard drive.
  • Review and remove the data stored in the Download folder often.  A data removal program, such as Eraser, should be used to remove data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) instead of the standard delete command. 


How to Create a Download Folder

Open Windows Explorer

Go to your OneDrive - Saginaw Valley State University or to a shared network folder

Click 'New Folder' in the top ribbon

Type in 'Download' for the name of the folder


How to install the Eraser software

Go to

Click the green Download button

Click Save File

Open the Eraserversion.exe file

Click Yes - User Account Control (Allow changes to computer)

Click Next

Check box 'I accept the terms in the License Agreement'

Click Next

Click Typical - Choose Setup Type

Click Install

Click Finish

NOTE: An Eraser icon will be put in your taskbar tray


How to use Eraser to remove files

Open Windows Explorer

Select OneDrive - Saginaw Valley State University or the network drive from the pull down menu

Go to the Download folder

Highlight the file to be deleted

Right click then select Eraser




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