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What are the Cyber Security Risks of Working from Home?

Great Question.  Here is a link to the ITS Cyber Security page that provides Working from Home guidelines.


What technology is recommended for students attending SVSU?

Information about Student Technology Recommendations can be read here:


Is there software available for Home Use?

Yes.  Here is a link to the download page that will be updated as we learn about additional software being made available for Home Use -  

SVSU staff and faculty have access to Adobe Creative Cloud software suite through their login credentials

Virtual Computer Lab is an online option for SVSU students to access commonly used applications, if they cannot access the on-campus computer labs or do not have a personal computer capable of running software for their classes. Visit this link for more information:


How do I Request ITS Support?

To request ITS Support please use, this will be the most efficient method for you and ITS.  There is a Quick Ticket Button for your convenience.  You can email or call 989-964-4225 and leave a voice mail.  Please understand that email and voice mail are not as efficient for ITS as

Faculty and staff who experience problems with university equipment should submit an IT support ticket ( or call 989-964-4225 and leave a voice mail.  If a remote session fails to resolve the issue, an IT staff member will make arrangements to provide a loaned laptop.


What should I know about checked out laptops?

  • Please read and follow the checklist given when you checkout a laptop.  It is important that you do this while on campus or the laptop may not connect off campus.
  • If you encounter issues with a checklist item please let the Library Staff know and they will be able to direct you to the IT Support Center.
  • Some software is available in Software Center.  Adobe Creative Cloud can be installed, if a student has a personal paid subscription with  Some software installs may require ITS permission to install (be sure to note your needs when making your checkout request).
  • Do not save any files on the laptop as they will be cleaned when the laptop is returned and ITS will not be able to recover them - save to OneDrive.


What if I have a Perceptive Content/ImageNow connection issue?

If you checked out a laptop and are getting the connection to the server has been disconnected (or similar message), you may need to change the server ID.  Follow the steps below:

  • Open Perceptive Content
  • (Don't login) Click on Connection Profiles
  • Click Edit connection profiles (at the bottom)
  • Highlight default
  • Click Modify
  • Change the Server ID to
  • Click OK
  • Click OK


Can I forward my office phone to another phone number?


This must be done from on-campus

  • Press *20                                                                            
  • You will hear a dial tone
  • Input your office extension number (4 digits)                      
  • You will hear a dial tone again
  • Press 9 and the number you are transferring to.  You must enter the area code if other than 989.
  • If you input the wrong number, follow the directions below to remove the transfer and start over.


This must be done from on-campus

  • Press #20 plus your 4-digit office extension number
  • You will hear three beeps


  • Dial 964-4097 (or 989-964-4097)
  • Press *# 
  • You will be asked to enter your office extension number (4 digits)
  • The system will ask for your passcode    

Please plan to periodically check your office extension voicemail to retrieve messages that may not have been properly forwarded.



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